Want to undo everything on your WordPress site and start over? There are multiple ways to do it. Let’s see how to reset WordPress with and without a plugin.

Want a better click-through rate on search result pages? Relevant meta data can help. Learn how to add meta tags to WordPress, the easiest way.

Looking for an easy way to create a table of contents in WordPress? In this tutorial, we’ll show how to add a table of contents to WordPress sites.

Stuck in the WordPress maintenance mode screen? The site has become inaccessible? Don’t panic! We have the easiest fix for this. Learn how to disable WordPress maintenance mode now!

Struggling with the fatal error that says that your site is out of PHP memory? Well, you can increase the WordPress PHP memory limit easily. See our tutorial on changing the WordPress memory limit.

Visit our step by step tutorial on how to remove categories on WordPress sites. We’ve demonstrated multiple ways with backstories that you need to know about how to remove WordPress categories.

Want to give your visitors a straightforward way to send you emails? A clickable email link can do the work. Find all the details in our email link WordPress tutorial.

Is your WP dashboard slow? A slow dashboard would spend your valuable time staring at the screen! In this post, we’ve discussed the reasons and solutions regarding a slow WordPress admin panel. Click here and read it now 🎉

Have you ever used a post slider WordPress plugin? You can create slideshows with posts using such a plugin. We’ve found the best WordPress recent post slider. Check out this post slider WordPress plugin!

The recovery mode was introduced in WordPress 5.2. In this post we’ve discussed what is WordPress recovery mode and how to use it. Find all details in WordPress recovery mode explained.

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